Fragrance Free vs Unscented: They are not the same

Fragrance Free vs Unscented: They Are Not The Same

Do You think Fragrance free products and Unscented products mean the same thing?

  • If you answered yes then sorry to say you are incorrect and the beauty and skin care  industry has been straight out lying to you

Fragrance Free vs Unscented: They Are Not The Same Thing

Yepp! You read that correctly. Before delving into the art of soap making and feeding my skin things that will benefit it. We seriously were ignorant to this fact.

...Then What Does “Unscented” Mean?

When printed on soaps, shampoos, and lotions, the word “unscented” conveys two important points:

  1. The product does not have an aroma. It is considered unscented because it has no obvious scent.
  2. & It does not, however, mean that the product is free of fragrance chemicals.

Yikes, does this sound confusing? How can something not have an aroma if it has fragrance chemicals in it? The answer is that unscented products often contain chemicals that eliminate odors. 

Now you're probably wondering, why add the fragrance in the first place, if you want it to smell like nothing. Let us explain why some brands do this. Whether natural or synthetic— ingredients can have an aroma. Sometimes, a product’s original aroma will be unpleasant. That’s why special fragrance chemicals are added to some items to give them a neutral smell.  contain these special odor-neutralizing chemicals are considered “unscented.” The downside to this is these chemicals are extremely harmful to the skin.

What Does Fragrance Free Mean?

In theory, fragrance-free means that no chemicals have been added with the specific purpose of giving a product an aroma (even if that aroma is a neutral one). 

But it's important to keep in mind that just about everything has a natural smell to it. This is true for all ingredients in skin care products. It’s entirely possible for a fragrance-free item to have a scent. This is most often true with products that use natural ingredients and essential oils. For example, we make our Honey & Oats Soap Bars fragrance free but a lot of the time in the finished product you can smell a hint of the honey and oatmeal. Not because we add fragrances to it but that's the natural aroma of the ingredients. 

We will be encouraging you all to be vigilant with every brand you shop with about them listing their full ingredient list for each product before you shop with them and not being afraid to ask if the product they are providing is Fragrance free or Unscented.


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